Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Roof Damage - RepairI obviously love home improvement projects and doing them myself, or I wouldn’t have started this blog.

But for most, big projects like replacing your entire roof can be daunting!

But what if you could simply repair your roof instead of replace it?

When a Repair Will Do?

There’s many situations when a repair will be good enough to get your roof fixed.  For instance, if there is a place of direct damage (from a tree, etc.).  Then repairing it makes sense.

If there is wear in the roof in a certain location – around poorly sealed roofing vents this can be common.  Again, repairing the roof makes sense.

Is My Roof in Good Condition?

This is a common question.  What you’re looking for on a typical asphalt roof is if there is any wear (lots of the sand is off the shingles causing the colored felt to show through), or corners curled up – very common in low-grade shingles.

An easy way for a novice to determine if the roof is in good condition is to compare it to a neighbor’s newer roof.  If there is substantial difference in the wear, you’re better off replacing the roof.

A friend of mine simply called a Madison, WI roofing company and asked them if they would come out for a free estimate.  They did – and were trustworthy.  Many roofers will come out for free to take a look for you.  Just make sure you’re calling someone local or get a referral!

Fixing a Leaky Roof

Here’s a great quick video on fixing a leaky roof yourself.

Good luck with your roofing project!